Samir Amin has a reputation as one of the world’s foremost radical thinkers. Among .. that offsets the American deficit, the Achilles heel of US hegemony. The. Samir Amin rejects the notion that the current form of neoliberal capitalism is an inevitable future for humanity. He analyzes tendencies within. Annotation Samir Amin rejects the notion that the current form of neoliberal capitalism is an inevitable future for humanity. He analyzes tendencies within the US.

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Beyond US Hegemony

Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia Atakilte Beyene. Samir Amin Distributed for Zed Books pages samlr. At the same time, he is not opposed to globalization as such; indeed he believes the whole world today is irrevocably connected, and that solidarity in diversity is the key to the struggle for a better world.


In the body of the book, Amin provides a perspicacious analysis of tendencies within the rich countries – the US, Europe and Japan; the rising powers – China and India; the likely future trajectory of post-Soviet Russia; and the developing world.

Beyond US Hegemony

The central question he pursues is whether there are other hegemonic blocs that may emerge in time to circumscribe American power, and constrain free market capitalism and force it to adjust to demands other than its narrow central economic logic.

This important and thought-provoking beyod identifies the key global campaigns Samir feels progressives should launch around the world.

Introduction Being clear about the nature of capitalism and imperialism Is there a desirable form of globalization? The Triad – America, Europe and Japan: The project of the American ruling class: Does the rise of China challenge the imperialist order? So, what is to be done?

An uncertain future 3. Russia out of the tunnel?

Basic characteristics of the Soviet system New forms of capitalism in Russia Is there a worthwhile alternative in Russia today? India, a great power?


The colonial inheritance Success and limitations of the populist national project The liberal and culturalist drift The long and difficult march of alternative globalization 5. Can solidarity be rebuilt among the countries of the South?

Beyond US Hegemony: Assessing the Prospects for a Multipolar World by Samir Amin

Can the slide of the Arab world be samie A new basis for solidarity among the peoples of the South 6. Reform of the UN as part of a multipolar globalization Managing national sovereignty within the UN framework A balance-sheet of UN activity between and Conflict and overlap between economic and political management The empire of chaos: For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib.